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Purged inactive users

July 24th, 2013 by spyware4me

I’ve removed all inactive forum users – those who never clicked the link in their activation email for whatever reasons. Those users will have to sign up again if they wish to access the forum.

Another thing, you don’t have to sign up again if you wish to change your nick. Just PM me and I can change it for you. This way you will retain all your posts, PMs and settings.

Back online

July 7th, 2012 by spyware4me and are back online. The server they are hosted on died (probably HW issue) and had to be restarted by the hosting staff.

Site moved

April 21st, 2012 by spyware4me,, the forum and the test ptc have been moved to a new hosting. Lets hope we will get less lag and fewer downtimes.

Also the forum has been moved to its own subdomain. All the old links should still work, if not, let me know. aka status update

April 9th, 2012 by spyware4me

As you have all noticed, haven’t resolved for a while and now it got shut down.

During the recent move of the website, most of the data was corrupted beyond repair. It then was decided to shut down the database permanently.

It’s a shame, but the project was dying anyway, lots of outdated plugins and no new ones.

There probably won’t be a replacement anytime soone, if ever, You will have to search the forums for plugins or look for an unofficial database. status

October 7th, 2011 by spyware4me has been reported for abuse and the domain was shut down by the .tk administrator (so much for free .tk domains).

We are currently trying to resolve this problem, please be patient.


The website is back on new address:

Multiclicker2 and NetBeans 2/2

June 7th, 2011 by spyware4me

I’m sure almost every plugin developer encountered a site with a secondary password on login screen. MC2 doesn’t support secondary passwords or any other input fields but username and password by default. But there is always a way…

This is the time when Panel tab will come in handy. Here you can define any number of input fields, labels, tables, lists – simply any Swing components.

The panel class – let’s name it OurPanel for instance – must either implement SitePanel interface or extend BasicSitePanel class (both in package org.multiclicker2.core.sitepanels).

There are four methods that have to be implemented if you want to display custom panel and make it fully functional:

  • getJPanel() – returns an instance of JPanel containing all your components
  • isReady() – says whether all necessary fields in the current panel have been filled in and the values are valid
  • getLoginDetails() – returns a map (java.util.Map) instance containing any key-value pairs that you need in your plugin
  • setLoginDetails(java.util.Map) – fills the input fields in the panel with previously set login details, used when modifying accounts

Since this is Multiclicker2 and NetBeans tutorial, we will learn how to design the JPanel with NetBeans and then use it in MC2.

Create public class OurPanel and let it implement org.multiclicker2.core.sitepanels.SitePanel.

Now create new JPanel Form (New->Other->Swing GUI Forms), open it and design the JPanel to your needs. When you are finished, click on Source button and copy all the code to OurPanel so that the copied JPanel subclass is inner class of OurPanel. Make sure to remove all annotations and generics (List<String> => List) as the MC2 doesn’t support them.

Back to OurPanel, create member variable of type JPanel and initialize it in OurPanel constructor with a new instance of the inner class extending JPanel. Implement all four methods inherited from SitePanel.

When done, copy the code to Panel tab in MC2 Builder.

Multiclicker2 and NetBeans 1/2

June 2nd, 2011 by spyware4me

This tutorial will show you how to build advanced sites for Multiclicker2 using NetBeans.


  • Multiclicker2
  • Multiclicker2 API – extract contents of the archive first
  • NetBeans


Launch Multiclicker2 (MC2) and open Builder (File->Builder). Optionally go through Wizard (File->New project->Wizard) to generate initial code.

Open NetBeans, create a new Java Application project, uncheck Create Main Class. Right-click the project, go to Properties->Libraries. Click Add JAR/Folder and select Multiclicker2API.jar, now click Edit and first Browse… button. Select (should be located in the same folder as Multiclicker2API.jar).

Create a new class Wizard (or any other valid name). If you went through MC2 Wizard, copy all code from the Builder (Site tab) there. The class must extend one of classes in org.multiclicker2.core.sites package.

Use AbstractSite if you need 100% control over the site. However this class provides little to none site logic – you will have to implement all of it yourself.

SimpleSite provides basic site logic – error handling including simple error recovery and selecting which page to open. Opening the pages itselves is still up to you.

BuxLikeSite handles almost everything, you just tell it how to recognise several URLs and statistic details like number of clicks.

Some notes

December 28th, 2010 by spyware4me

I’ve just went through some old posts and couldn’t help myself think about “good old times”. Times when I had plenty of free time, times when Autoclicker(s)/Multiclicker was updated several times a month. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did, the post archives have been enabled – look at the bottom of the main page.

From time to time I get a request for making a plugin for some site, all rejected. I have just enough time to repair major bugs in Multiclicker2 (if found, of course). Plugins are not in that category. Contact a plugin developer, I’m sure you will one on the forums, and if the site looks prosiming or if you help them somehow, they might build that plugin for you.

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Multiclicker, remote Linux box and you

September 6th, 2010 by spyware4me

Since GUI is integral part of Multiclicker(2), it may appear to not-so-skilled Linux user that it’s impossible to use MC on a Linux server or VPS.

The opposite is true, I’ve successfully run MC2 on my Linux VPS (Debian) without any problems and with minimal effort.

Basically, there are two ways of achieving this.

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Errors and so on…

February 6th, 2010 by spyware4me

After many emails, PMs and forum topics asking the same question “What the heck Modified script error means?!”, I decided to explain all errors here.

Modified script

  • Stops account immediately
  • Very annoying

The famous error is meant to, in the first place, tell user that there is something wrong with the site script, that strings supposed to be there are missing. It doesn’t matter what caused this problem, but in all cases the user interaction is required to resolve it.

Most frequent cause is a malfunctioning or slow proxy or a proxy that doesn’t support HTTP POST. Also proxies that require non-bot verification (CoDeeN) are to blame.

Whenever you get this error, try to restart the account first. The site might have been overloaded or there might have been temporary routing problem. If it fails again, check the site manually looking for any – even very small – change in the script (yes, terminated hosting account may be the reason). Another option is to change the browser preset in your account, there are sites ( that block any connection attempt they find suspicious (they love to block you even for few hours after the last attempt). In the case of slow site, you may try to set higher timeout in settings.

After you tried everything described here and even more and it still doesn’t work, contact the developer of the plugin with very detailed description of the problem like if it happens irregulary or not, at which stage it happens (login/stats/adverts/…), your settings, …

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